About Me


Having been involved myself in various forms of spiritual enlightenment and organized religion it is with sorrow that I must admit that I have not been able to find any one single organized religion that in fact offers me proper fulfilment of my personal and spiritual needs. You will find it interesting though that in my search I have, and on more than one occasion, come accross a tool which is used with great success, and incredible benefit both spiritually, mentally and physically.

This tool is called meditation. Having been involved in various forms of meditation over the years I have discovered that whilst most of them have immense benefit to the practitioner, most of them come with all sorts of religious attachments and associations. It was with this then that I decided to develop meditations which are not in any way influenced by any one form of religion or spiritual practice, but rather a non denominational form of meditation which is not likely to offend and similarly does not preach any specific philosophy. Effectively making meditation accessible to any and all that wish to practice it.

On a more personal note, I am qualified as a Reiki Master {click here to view my certificate}, and am proud to say that this added experience has made it possible for me to produce meditations that are to the point and that can deliver on it's intended purpose.

It is thus with pride that I present to you all that is available on our website, and it is my belief that what we offer here will be of value to you.